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 70 Orc Warlock "Cholocks"

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PostSubject: 70 Orc Warlock "Cholocks"   Sun Nov 25, 2007 3:59 pm

Character's name: Cholocks

Class: Warlock (Affliction ATM, willing to change when needed)

Player's INFO: My name's Danny, I currently reside in Montreal Qc Canada, im fully Anglophone, Im a student at JAC college, and im 20 years old.
Gaming Background (i dont know if this matters): I was in CAL-I CS team, called nameless, participated in WCG KOREA in 2005 (representing team Canada). I stopped competitive CS in 2006. Picked up WoW during the winter of 06, only played seriously as of 2 months ago.

Reasons of application: I've just turned 70, I'm desperate to progress in WoW, im a firm believer in Dedication and most of all Team Work. I learned the values of teamwork due to my long participation in competitive counter strike. It has been hard for me to progress alone in this game especially because of the fact of being in a close to empty server. I'm not applying for this guild to leech off loot, or beg for help, Iím here to help as much as I can and progress with the guild. Im in for the long haul, im dedicated, I'm smart when it comes to the tactics, I'm cohesive and not only do I listen to strats, I pick up on it and fully understand the foundations. I'm also a fun person, I enjoy the socialization aspect of multiplayer games, and I'm always willing to help a teamate. Bottom line, I've picked up very quickly with this game and I want to take a step further, I think that Judgement, and playing with a few of the guild memebers, I think that i will be a great addition.

My email is: Dannycho87@hotmail.com

Thanks alot. afro
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70 Orc Warlock "Cholocks"
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