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PostSubject: Paladin!   Thu Nov 08, 2007 9:17 pm


Character name: Chrýssy

Race:Blood elf!

Class and Spec: PALADIN! 50/0/11

Lvl: 70

Days played:Started two years ago

Is this your main: yes

What is your reason for coming to Judgement Guild? i am looking for a good guild for kara, raids, and an overall mature guild.

Why did you leave your last guild, if you were not in a guild explain why.
Long story.

What is your feelings on raiding and PvP? I LOVE IT

long have you been playing your spec and why did you choose it? Since lvl 60; I love to heal. No lie. and NO I don't have Kings.

Please put an X in the one you are keyed for.
[ X] Coilfang
[ ] Lower city
[ X] Teempist Keep
[ X] Hellfire
[ X] Karazhan
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