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 Guild Invitation Forms__Flick

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PostSubject: Guild Invitation Forms__Flick   Fri Aug 24, 2007 5:50 pm


Character name:Flick


Class and Spec: Shadow Priest, I can respect


Days played: More than 1 Year

Is this your main: Yes

What is your reason for coming to Judgement Guild? This is the second time i had to fill this out. My friend is in the guild currently and my brother used to be in it.

Why did you leave your last guild, if you were not in a guild explain why. I've been in lots of guilds... but I've never been in a good guild before.

What is your feelings on raiding and PvP? I like PvP and raiding isn't my favorite but if we have a raid on a big place I will definitely come.

How long have you been playing your spec and why did you choose it?
Shadow form looks awsome.... I chose this because my friend (who's in the guild) told me this was a good character.

Please put an X in the one you are keyed for.
[ ] Coilfang
[ ] Lower city
[ ] Teempist Keep
[ ] Hellfire
[ ] Karazhan

What raids have you done pre BC? None... Some at South Shore in Hillsbrad.
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Guild Invitation Forms__Flick
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