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 lvl 70 ud mage

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PostSubject: lvl 70 ud mage   Sun Aug 19, 2007 6:16 pm

Name: Felix

Character name: Mynameis

Race: UD

Class and Spec: currently deep frost, but when I raid, I will go deep fire/iceblock

Lvl: 70

Days played: in wow, too long, on this toon <1 day on 70.

Is this your main:

What is your reason for coming to Judgement Guild?
I want to raid as dps class instead of a MT warrior on another server.

Why did you leave your last guild, if you were not in a guild explain why.
The current guild, Bloodbath and Beyond, broke up as the more dedicated players went to another guild to raid 25 mans.

What is your feelings on raiding and PvP?
Love it, and love watching epics drop.

How long have you been playing your spec and why did you choose it?
Deep frost for grind and kiting mobs allows me to kill just about anything. Also I farm fire element or else I would spec fire.

Please put an X in the one you are keyed for.
[ ] Coilfang
[ ] Lower city
[ ] Teempist Keep
[ ] Hellfire
[ ] Karazhan

none sorry

What raids have you done pre BC?

my main to show I do have raiding experience. (I may have logged off in my dps gear)

and my mage

I do have vent, I am not color blind, I do understand I bring my own consumables, and pay my own repairs.
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lvl 70 ud mage
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