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PostSubject: Application   Thu Aug 02, 2007 1:01 pm

Name: Lancaster "Papa Bear" Graham

Character name: Devildragon

Race: Blood Elf

Class and Spec: Paladin. Protection/Holy

Lvl: 42

Days played: 4 days, 18 hours, 43 mins.

Is this your main: On this Server, yes.

What is your reason for coming to Judgement Guild?
I'm looking to better my character, and it seems like Judgement might seem to be a good start.

Why did you leave your last guild, if you were not in a guild explain why.
I haven't left yet, but I wouldn't burn any bridges either. Shadow Lords is active, in an inactive way. People are on, but it's nothing that seems to be in my intrest, the guild is made up of one family that plays WoW. and I mean that in a litteral way.

What is your feelings on raiding and PvP?
PvP, ha, I love using other people's face as a mop, and that floor over there seems to need some cleaning. Oh and raiding, this is what this game is about. I will do as you ask.

How long have you been playing your spec and why did you choose it?
I've been playing Protection spec ever since I hit 10, I'm planning on making a Walking fortress for PvP, and a tank for my friends when we are all level 70. I plan on being a tank. Regardless, On the other hand I know people raise eyebrows at paladin tanks, I'm positive I can get the job done!

p.s. I've had two level 60 Paladins both Holydins, I really need the change of pace.

Please put an X in the one you are keyed for.
[ ] Coilfang
[ ] Lower city
[ ] Teempist Keep
[ ] Hellfire
[x] Karazhan

What raids have you done pre BC?
I quit for about a year and half. But I did do MC, ZG(20) and AQ(20), this was all on a level 60 Paladin on Arthas. Holy spec.
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