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PostSubject: app   Wed Aug 01, 2007 3:49 pm

Name: jon

Character name: Warumar

Race: orc

Class and Spec: warlock demo atm

Lvl: 70

Days played: too many

Is this your main: yep

What is your reason for coming to Judgement Guild?

I know all the bastards in it.

Why did you leave your last guild, if you were not in a guild explain why.

Last guild was all 13 year old elitist douchbags during the day the cool fuckers were only on at night and im only able to get on during the day now .

What is your feelings on raiding and PvP?

They make me feel kind of warm and fuzzy inside i can't reallyt explain it maybe one day you'll feel it too.

How long have you been playing your spec and why did you choose it?

I change my spec to suit what im doing lately ive been doing arenas so im demo when i was raiding i was affliction and when im bored im destruction.

Please put an X in the one you are keyed for.
[x ] Coilfang
[x ] Lower city
[x ] Teempist Keep
[x] Hellfire
[x ] Karazhan

What raids have you done pre BC?

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